2022: A Look Ahead…

In marketing, our job is telling the story. Each campaign is another plot point, each customer is another character with their own history to discover. Each industry is its own genre. But a robust plot needs a strong foundation in understanding – it takes planning, in-depth research, and a full exploration of the subject matter. Yet so often we see marketing programmes trying to tell their story without the fuller picture. Clients often ask us how they can get that holistic view and our answer is simple. But we will get to it.

In the first and second part of this prediction, we looked at how engagement and insight are going to be key components of the year ahead. In this, our final instalment, we focus on transforming that theory into practice and taking real action. We will be exploring how the complexities of an ever-changing marketing world can be overwhelming – but together, we will establish the best actions to take to develop your story.

How do we take action to make sure this year is more than just another novel in the bargain bin?


In business, there’s always a need to stay ahead of the curve. With competition across so many industries at an all-time high, the pressure is on to ensure that business performance is paramount. How can we stand out from the crowd? How do we get customers to engage and how can we keep them engaging?  How do we justify investment to stay ahead of that curve, ensuring that the fruits of our labour are tracked, measured and celebrated?

Forrester predicts that almost three-quarters of B2B marketers will have an ‘always-on’ digital engagement strategy in place this year. With that comes the need to invest in technology, automation, engagement tools and tracking – or else we risk losing the insight that comes with strategy development. It means that when we’re trying to tell our story, there are more characters to contend with, more tropes to consider and more plot points to weave in. What was once a simple ‘beginning, middle and end’ type affair is now a ‘Lord of the Rings-esque’ trilogy – creating our own worlds, our own languages and our own vision.

So, what action do we need to take to navigate our own complex tale? For us, mapping is the ultimate key. When J.R.R. Tolkien drew the first map of Middle Earth – he gave himself the tools he needed to understand the terrain, understanding exactly how the characters were going to navigate their way to Mordor. He saw the route they dared to take, he saw the adventures they could have along the way, and he saw the potential that the world he’d created had to offer.

Think of your marketing activity in the same way. By mapping your channels, consolidating the insight that lies beneath the surface and transforming that into a visualised representation of your data, you will see your own version of Middle Earth – allowing you to make the decisions that you need to make to get your characters to their destination. After all, as Boromir once very wisely mused – ‘One does not simply walk into Mordor’.

Think of us as your storyboard. Videmus can help you to develop your story and map out your own world. We use the best technology to transform your data and to bring it to life, giving you the freedom to tell the story that will best resonate with your audience. Ultimately, we make your data work for you. We’d love to hear your story and see how we can make it a bestseller. Let’s chat.

This was the third and final part in our look ahead at 2022, but if you’ve missed the excitement from the first and second instalment, you can check them out here.