2022 – A look ahead…

The last two years have given us all pause for thought. In that time, we’ve established that business can thrive against the odds, adaptability is more important that any of us ever realised, and we can stay connected when we need to be distanced.

As we emerge, changed, into a new year – what lies ahead? Through the lens of data science and with one eye on the marketing ecosystem, we at Videmus can already feel that 2022 will be all about connection. Connection with business, connection with the consumer and connection with the data that drives the need to engage. But how will that look? What will that change? How will that feel?

This three-part prediction will be giving you insight into why we believe 2022 will be the Year of Engagement, the Year of Insight and the Year of Action.

From the booming social media sphere to the ever-changing nature of supply and demand, here’s why we think that 2022 will be:


And no, we’re not talking about our Instagram feed full of friends who have ‘popped the question’ over Christmas. We’re talking business engagement. We are talking about the practicalities of navigating engagement as both a business and a consumer. It’s quite the journey.

The rationale, the intention and the real need for engagement is, of course, different for every business. The ways in which people engage with businesses has seen a fundamental shift, as has the way businesses engage with their data.

 So often, we see organisations separating Data and Engagement into two different realms, but now is the time for a true merge of the two worlds. In 2022, we anticipate that not only will digital engagement continue to grow, but people will start to crave engagement on a sensory level. Consumers are demanding easier and far more instant ways of engaging with content. And, with more methods of engagement comes more data, more metrics to track and more reports to develop to make intelligent business decisions.

Gone are the days of a website and your brand being the only points of sale. Now you can buy a tricycle on TikTok and order your avocados by asking Alexa. Almost one third of B2B and B2C businesses are now giving people the opportunity to buy through social media and that figure is only set to rise. You can check the reviews of a product at the touch of a button. This means that organisations need to give consumers the opportunity to engage at every available moment. As a brand, you need to be live on Instagram, whilst dancing on TikTok as your monthly email newsletter broadcasts, driving traffic to your latest eCommerce platform.

As technology advances, we need all other areas of the business to advance at the same rate. And, if trends continue their current trajectory, we’re predicting even more methods entering the engagement arena this year. Technology slows for no one and now that the world officially has Tasty TV, the door is open to new and innovative ways to deliver engagement opportunities to the masses.  

This is why engagement is first on our list of things to watch in 2022.

As data scientists, we know that as engagement increases and more channels emerge, so does the need to collate and automate data that reinforces an engagement strategy. This insight will take the spreadsheets of yesteryear and transform them into real life business-consumer connections.  

And this is ultimately why we exist – at Videmus, we make data work for you and not the other way around. Our services are designed with marketing in mind, as we use leading technology to consolidate, automate, visualise and explore your data to help you to shape the future of your business. It seems a grand claim, but it works.

The second in our three part predicition, which talks about why 2022 will be the year that insight becomes more than just a word on a strategy, is coming soon, so watch this space.

And if you’d like to explore how Videmus can make data work for you, let’s chat.

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