IWD2022: Our Womenspiration, Lety Kemp!

With our clients earning the title of ‘the heart of our operation’, Lety Kemp would unquestionably earn the title of the brain. Lety is the force that brings insight, intelligence and inspiration to both clients and colleagues, and is certainly our Womenspiration this year.

Lety Kemp – Data and Analytics Director at Videmus

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to bring Lety to you! Her story is a true snapshot of her passion for innovation, her unwavering determination and her incredible sense of humour. So let’s look at where it all began:

Lety started her career in marketing right before the internet transformed the sector into a data powered-discipline. As marketing technology evolved, so did Lety’s career, moving into more technical roles at the likes of SONY, Willis Towers Watson and Fleishman-Hillard. As an Italian, Australian and Brazilian citizen, Lety’s experience spans the globe, which only adds to her wisdom and fascinating vision, of not just the world of data, but also the world around us.

“As a woman, so much has changed since the start of my career. I look back now and realise how taboo gender equality really was – it was never talked about – it was just accepted. Now the conversation around equality has opened up, the world is changing for the better – gone are the days that leading female coders are being treated as the ‘part-time dogsbodies’ that they once were.”

Lety’s love for technology was instant – a ‘love at first sight’ kind of attraction that has worked to shape her career to date. As Data and Analytics Director at Videmus, Lety leads the team of data engineers within the organisation, and takes on a company-wide directorship as the leading force behind Videmus’ inception. In her role, Lety is able to really explore her passion for technology and can often be found workshopping new technical solutions, which has been termed by some as her own unique brand of Vide-magic.

“It’s so important to see women represented in the boardroom. Particularly in the world of tech and data, women are still not in leadership roles. I’m lucky, being part of Audience Collective that the organisation has values that look past gender. As a leader in the field, I want to do everything I can to ensure that women are heard and are nurtured by me and the organisation”

As an entrepreneur, a leader and a data scientist, Lety is a muse to many. Outside of the nine to five, Lety is something of a film buff (she’s holding onto the dream of being a film maker one day!) and is a wonderful mum to two budding teenage musicians, very much following in the musical footsteps of their mum and grandmother. Anyone who knows Lety is inspired by the devotion she has to the industry but moved by the devotion she has to her family.

Lety is our Womenspiration – she ignites a passion that no one else can which is why this year we wanted to share a little piece of that passion with you today.