The Power of Three

The Number Three. In Chinese culture it’s thought to be the luckiest number. The Ancient Greeks considered it perfection. Even in marketing, it’s no coincidence that marketeers are always listing in sets of three. The idea that three is a magic number is one that has been around since the dawn of civilisation and still has influence over the world today.

It may conjure images of Charlie’s Angels, Goldilocks and the Three Bears or even Newton’s Laws of Motion. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the number three?

Omne Trium Perfectum. When translated from Latin – All things that come in threes are perfect.

But what does the number three have to do with marketing data, I hear you cry? The answer to that is simple. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

1. At Videmus, we’ve developed a trifecta when it comes to data consulting. We explore the three areas of a business that data underpins, identifying it’s strengths, knowledge and gaps in marketing insight. This approach gives organisations the ability to develop as a strategic, data led operation.The first stop on our perfect journey, is exploring PEOPLE. It’s an important step and unfortunately, it’s the one that is often forgotten. Understanding the relationship between people and data is crucial to how an organisation can move from data-conscious to data-active. Exploring how a person’s role can be impacted by data is key to unlocking the power of the data that reinforces a marketing operation. By exploring those within your organisation that control and manage data at each part of the funnel, you leverage the power of connection.

2. From there, our road to data-utopia leads to our second stop – Understanding the TECHNOLOGY that houses the data and steers marketing operations in their data strategy is crucial. Understanding how many different systems are being used and how performance is being tracked is paramount. And, understanding whether the technology allows for live data or manual manipulation is fundamental to driving a data strategy forward. The connection between a person and their technology is one that, through exploration, leads to real value – which can’t be found anywhere else.

3. And it’s that connection between people and technology that really identifies the PROCESSES that help drive marketing activity. Data consolidation, integration and manipulation are processes that, within many organisations, can be better identified and operationalised. It’s through clarity of documented process that you can really start seeing all three areas of the trifecta working in unison. You can see pain points, you can identify strength and you can really make progress.

Perfection comes from understanding. With the knowledge of true functionality, it’s possible to use data to transform your organisation – we know, we make it happen. As data consultants, we really understand the power of three. The trifecta works because, like Videmus, it relies on a collaboration between data science and marketing expertise to make data work for you.

We provide solutions that help marketing teams to evolve at the pace of innovation and to thrive in a world where seismic shifts can happen overnight. If you want to understand how the power of three can transform your business, then get in touch.

Videmus quae omne trium perfectum. When translated from Latin – We see that three is perfection