2022: A Look Ahead…

As we stand at the base of the mountain that is 2022, we’ve already established that engagement will be the driving force to get us to the crest. But if we don’t equip ourselves with the insight we need to navigate the terrain, then we’re not giving ourselves a fighting chance to make our way to the top. Sure, we can set off now, but if we don’t prepare for the journey, we’ll quickly lose our way. We need to map our route, we need to recognise the tools required and we need to check the conditions. This is how we successfully complete the climb.

We’re not hikers by any means, but we know the value of insight and we know how important it’s going to be this year as more ways of customer interactivity are developed. Data can often feel like a mountain too, but with the right tools, it’s easy to map your way to becoming truly insight driven.

That’s why, we are giving 2022 another moniker:


Picture this – your marketing campaign is thriving. You are under-budget, you’re over-target and you know exactly where to take the campaign next to make 2022 the best year of your career. As dreamlike as this sounds, we believe the key to making that dream come true (ensuring the boardroom is toasting to you, and not grilling you about another ‘okay quarter’) is insight.

Insight is more than facts and figures – it’s about problem solving, it’s about logic and it’s about taking everything you think you know and turning it inside out. With the relationships between consumers and business becoming more personal than they’ve ever been before, the marketing environment has to embrace an intersectional approach to be truly fruitful. We believe that this year will see the marketing world having to understand it’s audience beyond demographics. There’s a need to understand behaviours, a need to understand passions and a need to understand what drives decisions.

This is particularly pertinent as more organisations scrutinise their budgets and put more focus than ever on ROI. Processes need to be tight when leadership is looking for more and more justification for spend. When you couple this with the nature of marketing changing from being product-led to being consumer-led, you’re looking at a problem that only intelligent working can solve.

More than ever, we’re seeing organisations struggle to keep up with the demands of technology. Manual reporting is still the norm, spreadsheets are still marmite and data analysis still strikes fear into the hearts of organisations across the land.

Those struggles are the reason we believe that 2022 is the time for a transformation – to turn data-phobia into data-phoria, because without embracing that change, you risk mediocrity. Businesses have no choice but to instil a culture of celebrating data and insight. Only with a holistic view of dynamic and integrated data will true insight be gained – it sounds complicated, but at Videmus, we make it simple.

Integration and automation of data is our bread and butter – we take data from all sources, automate it in real-time and bring it to life through visualisation. This is all to make analysis simple, helping you to explore insight from all angles. Ultimately, we make data work for you – making your marketing effective, efficient and engaging – getting you to the summit.

If you’d like to navigate Everest together (metaphorically speaking), let’s chat.

The third and final part in our look ahead at 2022, which focusses on why this year will be the year to take action, is coming soon, so watch this space.