CASE STUDY: How Videmus Data became the Marie Kondo of Digital Data for The University of Birmingham

The average person has eight different social media platforms and spends over two hours browsing and interacting with content each day. This creates mountains of customer data scattered across hard drives all around the globe. In amongst all that data is something of value; something that could determine and help you steer the next phase of your marketing strategy and dramatically expand your reach.

Trends, patterns or drop off points are increasingly harder to spot when companies have too much data. The virtual marketing landscape is in desperate need of a digital Marie Kondo. Data specialists to help determine what’s relevant and what’s not, and clear away the clutter. Videmus, a specialist British data consultancy, is the Marie Kondo of marketing data.

There are few organisations with a digital footprint as complex as a globally respected university. If the Videmus approach to organising data was to be tested to its limits a University would be a good place to start. Approached in 2019 by the University of Birmingham, Videmus was tasked with sifting through the data points of hundreds of media campaigns and identifying the priorities. This information would be used to put together an integrated and functional tool to enable key stakeholders to make better-informed marketing decisions.

Founded in 1825, The University of Birmingham is the UK’s seventh largest Campus with an annual student population exceeding 35,000. Between 2013 and 2017 the University saw a 39% increase in applications to its five diverse academic departments. Increasingly, student recruitment has been achieved through sophisticated and complex digital campaigns using multiple media channels, digital and traditional.

As with many organisations, The University of Birmingham began to have more data than they could easily analyse. By 2018 marketing staff were spending a lot of resources handling data to produce comprehensive reports leaving little time  to take advantage of key trends, or patterns in the vast web of information.

The University already worked with Crunch Digital Media to buy and manage digital ads and decided to approach the company’s data analytics department, Videmus,  about live campaign data reporting. The brief was to streamline the University’s performance campaign activities between the agency, the internal marketing department and the multiple colleges and schools.

Videmus proposed streamlining the data on a series of cloud-based, real-time dashboards that all key decision-makers and stakeholders could have access to. 

Firstly, an analysis of the existing landscape was essential. Videmus conducted an internal Data Gap Analysis, where data analytics experts investigated the existing campaign data landscape. Considering each marketing team’s KPIs, along with systems and reporting structures used throughout the student journey. After a careful audit of the data sources and media channels, they found 2.5 million data points that required analysis in any six months. Confirming the fact that the recruitment marketing staff were indeed drowning in data.

Videmus built custom dashboards that presented the most relevant data points while keeping all several stakeholders on the same page with live data. Upon completion, the processes were assessed again to see how coherent visualisation of the millions of data points had impacted efficiency and decision making. The university and agency reported a 90% reduction in report compiling time and said:

… our teams are able to access detailed, unified and real-time information on our campaigns to help guide and improve performance. Overall this is a huge improvement in our reporting capabilities and management information.
Michael Whitehouse, Head of Digital Channel Management.

Business and universities around the world are benefitting from the insights provided by the digital platforms they use to connect with their audiences. However, this digital landscape has become increasingly complex, with key information lost amongst a myriad of trivial and irrelevant data points.

Videmus worked hand in hand with the University of Birmingham to diagnose the issues, highlight the priorities and develop tools to cut through the noise and deliver analysis-ready marketing intelligence. The same process can be used in multiple industries where excess data is clouding decisive decision making.

Marie Kondo advocates that all your worldly possessions should “Spark Joy” and if they don’t you should thank them and say goodbye. The Videmus Gap Analysis and Videmus Core data visualisation are the digital equivalent and will lead to a better data landscape where you and your team can finally breathe. To learn more about the Videmus services contact the team today.