Dashboard of data

Data is all around us. Businesses are pursuing a data-centric culture, allowing companies and universities to make better-informed decisions.

Rapid changes and developments in the digital landscape have left many teams struggling to keep up with the amount of data originating from diverse sources.

As an extension of Crunch, Videmus has a dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) and Data team to help you get the clear answers you need to make results happen. We will develop your analytic dashboard to give you actionable answers to drive growth.

Several opportunities are presented that enable businesses to use the data to make better-informed decisions which include:

  • Analysing the data to quickly guide your business decisions
  • Saving time by finding everything in one place with no more rows of spreadsheets
  • Seeing the data in real-time, as it happens
  • Predicting what’s going to happen through the use of historical data tools
  • Having support and guidance from a dedicated member of the Videmus team

This is possible because of live dashboards which merge all of your data sources into one view. The data is transferred into digestible visuals which clearly show the patterns and statistics. An example of how we have transformed an organisation’s business intelligence is one of our many higher education clients, who wanted to take full advantage of all of their data and use this to optimise their campaigns. Universities have several colleges, who had their own budgets and KPIs, audiences, and stakeholders.

Being data-centric gives you not only a competitive advantage but also agile teams that can plan decisions rather than react to it.

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