Live data: when information becomes intelligence

Man writing notes on paperCrunch Digital Media invests in the launch of data products and consulting services. Our Data Intelligence & Tech Innovations team is now called Videmus. They offer live data automation services, custom data analytics and digital transformation services.

“Data performance is what drives our business. Automating data processes is paramount for our continued success in this field. Adding data services to our offering benefits our clients and strengthens our relationships with our partners”, says Richard Purvis, Founder of Crunch and Managing Director at Videmus.

Rapid changes in the digital landscape have left many teams struggling to keep up with the amount of data originating from diverse sources. Today, a simple marketing report can have up to six different data sources with over 30 variables. Manually compiling them into countless spreadsheets has become complex and time-consuming.

“This is one of the reasons why marketing teams are looking for live data automations and analysis-ready intelligence. They want to use data to guide their decisions, and waiting for monthly or weekly reports is no longer an option.” says Lety Kemp, Data & Analytics Director at Videmus.

The Data team at Videmus helps teams to trace a data strategy and choose the right solutions to suit their skills’ level.

“We talk to many marketing and recruitment leaders that are sitting on a world of valuable data but don’t necessarily have the time to start taking advantage of it. We help them with an initial data gap analysis followed by a roadmap. This gives them a blueprint on how to sort out their data, so it becomes an asset rather than a burden”, says Lety.

To further strengthen its position as a technology leader in the Education sector, Videmus recently partnered with WeBuildBots, a multi-award-winning AI company that specialises in customer service automation in the public sector.

“It is clear to us that our University partners can also benefit from advanced analytics. AI-powered chatbots do the heavy lifting on repetitive tasks, giving staff members more time to provide a positive and valuable student experience,” says Richard.

Learn how you too can leverage the power of data to lift marketing return on investment.