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Videmus Gap Analysis: optimising your operations and making sense of data

The Problem

AIA Worldwide (TMP Worldwide) is a global recruitment agency with a national head office located in London, UK. They help hundreds of their own clients with candidate attraction, engagement and brand activation.

Due to an overload of distinct data processes, their digital marketing performance team wasn’t functioning at optimal levels.

The Solution

Our data consultants worked closely with AIA’s performance marketing team as well as other key teams in order to understand where project routines might be unsatisfactory.

We began by conducting our Data Gap Analysis interviews, an in-depth process in which our data analytics experts investigated each team member’s data routines along with software systems and data reporting routines.

The team then took a qualitative approach to the data collected to build our renowned Trifecta Map, a document ranking current data process gaps from most to least pressing, matching them to people and technology.

The Results

Insights gained from our Gap Analysis report formed a blueprint for the team at AIA to start solving data bottle necks and delayed projects straight away. Investment in our Data Gap Analysis project was returned many times over with the increased successful performance of their team. This project allowed them to foster a data-driven and highly productive environment.

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Project Details

  • Category: Data-Driven Culture
  • Client: University of South Wales