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Making data-driven decisions

As the second largest university in Wales, the University of South Wales (USW) has a marketing division of over 80 staff members and three main faculties spread across its campuses.

The Problem

Our brief was to assist the Marketing and Student Recruitment department in reviewing the data and information processes used in their prospects’ journey, including competitor analysis. One of the marketing division’s main challenges was to better understand their customer journey, most specifically the data deriving from CRM, admissions, enquiries and enrolment systems.  They wanted to utilise data to build better strategies and improve the effectiveness of their recruitment funnel. And they felt their various teams were working in silos, meaning that internal data wasn’t being harnessed to its full potential.

The Solution

We began by conducting a Data Gap Analysis – an in-depth process in which our data analytics experts investigated each marketing team’s KPIs, along with systems and reporting structures used in the customer journey.

After interviewing around 20 key individuals and analysing numerous reports and systems, we produced an extensive report highlighting possible gaps found in each part of the student recruitment funnel. The team then took a qualitative approach to the data collected to build our unrivalled Trifecta Map, highlighting the gaps within process, people and technology settings.

Tapping into the power of data visualisation, we also built our Competitor Analysis – a bespoke visualisation where we analyse, rank and compare web data from relevant competition.

The Results

Using our Gap Analysis Report, the Marketing and Student Recruitment department was able to apply strategies directly to problem areas and streamline information processes in each part of the recruitment funnel. Now they had a blueprint to follow towards a data-driven, efficient and agile marketing operation.

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