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Live Campaign Data Reporting

The University of Birmingham has been a valued partner of Crunch, our sister agency, for several years. Its Marketing and Recruitment department relies on the team to develop, optimise and deliver hundreds of digital recruitment campaigns per year across numerous schools and colleges.

The Problem

Although individual stakeholders received highly detailed campaign results once a week by email, aggregating all the disparate data was proving to be a laborious task. So one of the department’s main challenges was to make better sense of the combined digital strategies  across different media without losing information at a top or bottom level.

Our brief was to assist the Marketing and Recruitment department to streamline digital campaign activities between its own department and other colleges and schools.

The Solution

Using Videmus Core – our bespoke marketing data integrator – our data engineers built campaign summary dashboards showing real-time campaign data streaming directly from the various media channel platforms.

As data points for digital campaigns mount up really quickly, it was paramount that we built a robust system capable of managing large amounts of data. After first discussing and agreeing relevant metrics with the client’s diverse stakeholders, we then set up the formulas to power the automated calculations on the dashboards.

In addition to giving the Marketing and Recruitment department a single source of truth for all marketing data, the live data campaigns dashboards provided an overview of all campaigns across the university. A single screen now enabled results to be analysed by college, course type, media channel, region and periods of time.

A few interesting stats from this project:

data points stats

The Results

By crunching all metrics automatically and presenting the concise information on one easy-to-understand screen, Videmus Core completely transformed the university’s campaign optimisation.

This unprecedented view of live data enables the campaign specialists to define personalised retargeting messages as soon as online interactions happen. And being able to analyse channel-by-channel results on the same screen means that if a campaign isn’t reaching its specific goals, the team can easily make minor tweaks to audiences, regions and so on.

Most importantly, the live dashboards are hosted over a cloud-based platform with easy yet secure access by every college and department granted access permissions. All stakeholders are now on the same page with our campaign specialists, facilitating budget optimisation and rapid data-driven strategy re-directions.

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University of Birmingham

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  • Category: Live Campaign Data Reporting
  • Client: University of Birmingham