Audience Segmentation

Right audience, right time, right platform

To be effective, online marketing campaigns must target the right people in the right locations at the right time. The first step in this geo-search is usually to buy off-the-shelf data sets such as social grading by location. But what you invariably receive are endless rows of meaningless raw data.

Before being able to target the specific people or places that match your chosen audience profile, you need to manipulate this huge volume of data. Where and how do you even begin?

Let the data specialists at Videmus help you make sense of it all by humanising your data.

Connecting the right people

Whether we’re attracting students to campuses, job seekers to companies or donations to charities, we connect our clients with their audiences.

Using behavioural science to decode your data, we enable you to target the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform. Our human take on your data means we know exactly where, when and how to reach them.

Pinpoint your target with accuracy

Use our bespoke visual audience segmentation and analysis tool to drill down into your data – slicing and dicing it as required by location, income, age or other criteria. Fine-tuning the search in this way quantifies the number of people in each particular segment for you to target.

Equipped with this valuable information, you can then create focused and cost-effective online marketing campaigns to hit your audience perfectly.