Data Gap Analysis

A snapshot of your marketing operations

Today’s marketeers must deploy a huge amount of technology. Consequently, marketing departments are all too often drowning under software and unaware what data is buried within. They know it’s vital to have a grasp of it all. But how?

In order to find the data, you first need to join the processes that you’re running with your technology. This helps pinpoint any gaps that need plugging or weak spots that need rectifying.


People, process and technology

Using our highly successful Data Gap Analysis, we work closely together with departments to look at how they function. We explore three areas – peopleprocess and technology – which is why we call our main deliverable the Trifecta Map.


Find the gaps

Our data analytics experts start off by identifying the current marketing funnel from start to finish.

We then go in to conduct interviews with key individuals (the people), investigating each marketing team’s KPIs, along with numerous systems and reporting structures used in the customer journey.

Who does what? How and where do they fit in the funnel (the process)? Are there any pain points or issues of concern? What would make their jobs easier or more effective?

Most importantly, what software (the technology) do they use? How many different systems? And do they have visibility of live data, partially live data or only manual data?

3-in-1 report

At the end of this in-depth consultancy we take all the data collected and produce an extensive report. Highlighting possible gaps found in each part of the marketing funnel, the report includes:

  1. Our renowned Trifecta Map, clearly showing all the gaps within the people, process and technology setting
  2. The Gaps Distribution which signalises what’s most pressing by quantifying the dominant themes that surfaced during the interview sessions
  3. The raw Gaps Data so you can drill down for qualitative details behind each of the information gaps.

This snapshot of your entire marketing operations truly is an invaluable tool. Nobody currently has that visibility. And nobody else offers it but Videmus.