Videmus Core

All your marketing data in one place

We’ve never been more connected and yet we find our data more fragmented.

Too much of a good thing doesn’t apply to data, as the more you have at your disposal the greater your ability to unlock your competitive advantage and boost your ROI.

Yet in this information-rich age, trying to keep tabs on all your marketing touch points has become a herculean task. 

This is where Videmus comes in. Let us consolidate and sort all your messy data automatically into a central hub, giving you complete control of how you see your data.

Joining up the dots…

Videmus Core brings all your marketing and sales data into one place. Using client segmentation and personas insights, it allows you to visually track, analyse and display KPIs – singled out by specific teams or the organisation as a whole.

We present your most valuable data in an easy-to-understand and visual format, making it an indispensable tool to foster a data-driven culture.

Benefits of Videmus Core

  • Identify key data points to monitor growth and ROI
  • Centralise all marketing intelligence in one hub
  • Automatically sort, organise and visualise marketing data
  • Focus on the data that matters rather than vanity metrics
  • Measure correlations between meaningful variables
  • View analysis-ready live data instead of out-of-date point-in-time reports
  • Enable your teams to make informed and agile decisions

One size does NOT fit all

Videmus Core is designed for any business intelligence software of your choice. Instead our marketing data integrator is fully customised to your particular business, combining the power of data visualisation and analytics automation. Not only is every marketing operation different, but internal data requirements constantly change. Videmus Core evolves with you, ensuring that you can always focus on the relevant formats at any times that suit your needs.

Building from the ground up

Our data experts begin by working closely with you to identify your main KPIs and industry pain points. These are then visualised via a user-friendly integrated dashboard that’s built around your data pipeline. Finally, we fully automate this so that it updates in real time whenever new data comes in. Live data becomes the new ‘norm’, so no more manual inputting is required.

In fact, the Videmus Core dashboard is so impressive that we’ve even heard of ‘boardroom envy’ when it’s been shared and compared to competitive products. Say good-bye to ploughing through 1000s of rows on Excel spreadsheets; this is next-generation ‘proper reporting’.

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